Jesus In Watercolor
Jesus In Watercolor from $5.99 $29.99
Jesus in Watercolor Diamond Painting Kit is an amazing arts and crafts project from! Our paint with diamonds kits are easy to get into and even easier to get hooked on. The gnarly beauty of a diamond painting is something everyone should experience, and the Jesus in Watercolor detail is breathtaking! With our kit, you will have everything you need to get crafting – including diamonds and other tools – with detailed instructions on how to get you started. Plus, with our competitive prices, you can get the high-end artwork at an unbeatable price. Smaller diamond paintings are a great introduction into crafting – simple patterns and fewer details help you focus on the craftsmanship. Larger patterns, like the Jesus in Watercolor, are meant for the more experienced diamond painter. Each diamond helps build on and enhance the details, making the finished product a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The satisfaction of crafting something beautiful is unmatched and gets even greater when you realize that you are also showing yourself some self-care – crafting has been proven to reduce stress and help with mental clarity.. has over 500,000 happy customers and offers free shipping worldwide on all products. Plus, we're known for our fast shipping and our excellent 24-hour customer support. Sarah J., a customer, raves, "Who knew that painting with diamonds could be so incredibly fun? Not only did I learn a new skill, but it created a relaxing environment in my home. I'm already planning on getting more diamond kits!" "If you hear a voice within you saying 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced." –Vincent van Gogh Here's a quick tip for any diamond painter making their first masterpiece: when laying down your diamonds, use the tweezers to lightly touch down with your diamonds in sequence for a uniform style. #DiamondPainting #JesusInWatercolor #Crafting
Dreamy Angel Among Roses
Dreamy Angel Among Roses from $5.99 $29.99
Dreamy Angel Among Roses Diamond Painting Kit - Transform your walls into a masterpiece with this official dreamy angel among roses diamond painting kit! Create a beautiful, intricate piece of art that's full of detail and brings a special touch of decor to your home. Bigger diamond paintings are more detailed and smaller diamond paintings are great for beginners with less detail. This diamond painting kit comes with everything you need to finish your project: canvas, diamonds, tweezers, drilling pen, diamond tray, and instructions. Plus, our prices are the lowest around and we offer free shipping worldwide and fast shipping within 24 hours. With over 500,000 happy customers and excellent reviews, has you covered for all of your diamond painting needs! Why craft? Crafting is a great way to give yourself a mental health break and take some much needed “me time”. This diamond painting kit is perfect for any level of crafter, the final piece of art makes a statement and will be a conversation starter with friends and family. Not to mention crafting is fun and allows you to challenge yourself and express yourself with this piece of art! Take the stress of the day away with a fun and easy art project. Whether you choose to place it in your own home, a friend's place, or as a gift, this Dreamy Angel Among Roses diamond painting kit will bring a beautiful dreamy touch to any wall! With so many diamond painting kits to choose from, has officially become your diamond painting mainstay for endless crafting fun! Here is a review from one of our happy customers: John G. says “I got the Dreamy Angel Among Roses diamond painting kit and absolutely love it! My craft skills are still basic but this diamond painting kit is still easy for me to understand and follow. I enjoyed putting it together and now I can proudly display the finished beautiful masterpiece!” As an extra tip, transport any extra diamonds to your project area in a pill container so you don't lose any. #Diamonds #DiamondPainting #PaintingKits “Creativity takes courage.” ~Henri Matisse
Guardian Angel Looking Down
Guardian Angel Looking Down from $3.99 $29.99
A Guardian Angel Looking Down Diamond Painting Kit from is the perfect way to add a spark of creativity and life to your home or office. Craft your own home décor with one of these beautiful designs. Let your creativity shine and add a personalized touch to any location with the Guardian Angel Looking Down Diamond Painting Kit. With #bestprices and free worldwide shipping, any crafter can add a splash of uniqueness to their personal style without breaking the bank. This kit comes with everything you need to create a stunning artwork. The larger the size of the painting, the more detailed you can make the final product. The smaller kits are perfect for beginners or a quick craft session. Take time for yourself and relax while you explore the unique craft of diamond painting. Not to mention, crafting is a great way to improve your mental health. is known for its fast shipping and 24 hour customer support, so any questions are just a message away. And with over 500,000 happy customers and excellent reviews, you know you can trust us to bring the best diamond painting experience. "Mary had this to say about her Guardian Angel Looking Down Diamond Painting Kit: 'I was so unsure if diamond painting was for me, but after I got started, I was hooked! A painting that is easy and beautiful at the same time? A must-have! On top of that, the process was a great way to reduce my stress levels. I highly recommend, their prices are great and they have plenty of options to choose from." Marked with #greatvalue and #freeshipping, the Guardian Angel Looking Down Diamond Painting Kit is exactly what you need to explore the creative world of diamond painting. Plus, our Protip: if you want to keep your diamonds organized, use plastic bags with sections and label according to the colors! #diamondcrafting ~"The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke" -Jerzy Kosinski~
Dancing Angel
Dancing Angel from $3.99 $29.99
Transform your world with the Dancing Angel Diamond Painting Kit! Our diamond painting kits are perfect for crafting lovers of all levels to join in on the big trend. Perfect for any person who wants to exercise their creativity and hone their crafting skills - there's no limit to what you can do with our diamond painting kits. At, we have the best prices for all your crafting needs. Our Dancing Angel Diamond Painting Kits are the perfect size for any crafter, from complete beginner to advanced - the size of the painting will determine the detail in your finished product. Smaller paintings are great for those just starting out in the diamond painting world, but larger paintings allow for more detailed, exquisite craftsmanship. Our diamond painting kits come with all the materials you need, free worldwide shipping, and it has one of the fastest fulfillment times. Plus, we have exceptional 24-hour customer service for all of our customers. As a bonus, crafting can have tremendous mental health benefits, since the creative, patient process of diamond painting contributes to relaxation, improved mood, and even reduced anxiety or depression. "The creative process is never finished, it just begins with the first brush stroke" - Unknown "I love doing diamond painting. I was able to find a mindful state and really concentrate on the tiny pieces that make up the design. It was a great distraction from the troubles of the day while still being productive. The finished product is just unbelievable - my friends and family couldn't believe I actually created this piece of art" - Ruth, San Francisco Diamond painting is an activity enjoyed by all ages - it keeps your hands and mind active, and it helps build patience. Plus, it has that added bonus – it’s big enough to enjoy the larger detailed pieces, but it’s not overwhelming like canvas paintings. Be sure to use a tweezers and a wax pen to provide an easier experience when placing the diamonds onto the canvas, and enjoy the calm and fulfilling activity. With our Dancing Angel Diamond Painting Kit, you can put your crafting talents to the test! #DiamondPainting #CraftersUnite #CreativeCrafting
Colorful Angel Wings
Colorful Angel Wings from $3.99 $29.99
Unlock your creative spirit with the Colorful Angel Wings Diamond Painting Kit from! Diamond Painting is one of the newest and most exciting crafts, and what better way to dive in than with this stunning kit? It's perfect for beginner and veterans alike and is great for displays and gifts. At we have the best prices for all of your favorite diamond painting project kits! The Colorful Angel Wings kit comes with everything you'll need to create your masterpiece. That means no trips to the store for additional supplies. We take pride in bringing you the absolute highest quality materials and tools to complete your project. Larger diamond paintings will provide more detail, and if you're just starting out, smaller projects are perfect for the beginner. We've heard countless stories from our customers of how the craft of diamond painting has improved their mental health. Not only does it fill a creative longing, but it gives our artisans the satisfaction of creating a work of art that turns out even better than expected. One customer rated us 5 stars and said, “The Colorful Angel Wings kit was my first diamond art project and I am already hooked! I plan to buy many more.” Here's a fun diamond painting tip: using glow-in-the-dark diamonds gives paintings a unique look and brings extra attention to your work! At you'll get free shipping worldwide and our products are known for super-fast shipping and 24 hour customer service. Plus, we have over 500,000 satisfied customers and excellent ratings! Orders big and small - we have it all! Get crafting now and make a statement! “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” -Pablo Picasso #diamondpainting #diycraft #craftingisfun
Calming Angel Painting
Calming Angel Painting from $3.99 $29.99
Create your own paradise with a Calming Angel Painting Diamond Painting Kit from Trust our best prices for the perfect opportunity to make a stunning artistic statement. Crafting can be a great form of self-care too - not only does it improve your mental health, it's also loads of fun! It's easy to make a waterfall of color in that special spot on your wall with and our Calming Angel Painting DIY dots kit! Our diamond painting kits come with everything you need to create a work of art, including the canvas, adhesive, gems, and instructions. The bigger the diamond painting, the more detailed your finished masterpiece will be - perfect for more experienced crafters. If you’re just starting out, we have smaller, beginner-friendly kits you can turn to as well. Make your diamond painting dreams come true with With over 500,000 happy customers, excellent reviews, free shipping worldwide, and fast 24 hour customer support, we are sure you will be satisfied with your purchase. "Ah, how good it is to be among people who are reading." - Rainer Marie Rilke #diamondpainting #angels #crafting John Doe, a happy customer, said: "I absolutely love my Calming Angel Painting diamond painting kit! I wasn't sure if I would have the skills to complete it, but the instructions made it so easy and it was so much fun. The quality of the materials are so good, and my finished painting was more beautiful than I even imagined it would be!" Get crafting with - your one stop shop for affordable diamond painting kits and more! Tip: Adding a few extra gems to each section of your painting will help give it extra depth and sparkle when it’s finished.
Beautiful Guardian Angel
Beautiful Guardian Angel from $3.99 $29.99
Make a dream come true with this Beautiful Guardian Angel Diamond Painting kit Looking for a fun, new, creative hobby? Look no further! You'll love crafting this beautiful diamond painting. Joy and relaxation is only a few clicks away and all the supplies are included! With every purchase of this diamond painting kit, you'll get all the materials you need to get crafting and creating in no time - all with the best prices! Larger Diamond Paintings are a bit more challenging and offer more fidelity in detail, while smaller ones are great for beginners. Both provide unequalled quality and allow you to create your own personalized masterpiece. By acquiring this kit, you will get a surefire way to have fun while also reaping the mental health benefits associated with crafting. That's why Jane from Toronto wrote, “This painting kit kept me relaxed and focused for hours, I wasn't even aware of the time passing by. I'm now looking to do more diamond painting and will surely be ordering here again.” This kit comes with everything you need to complete the project - from canvases to diamonds and tools. Plus, has free shipping worldwide and fast shipping, great 24 hour customer support, and over 500,000 happy customers. What are you waiting for? Take the plunge and start a new hobby today! "Creativity takes courage"- Henri Matisse. #DiamondPainting #HappyPainting #ArtsandCrafts Diamond Painting Tip: Always pour out your diamonds into a tray or a pad to make them easier to pick up one after another.
Precious Mother Mary In Prayer
Precious Mother Mary In Prayer from $3.99 $29.99
Introducing the Precious Mother Mary In Prayer diamond painting kit! Get lost in the captivating rhythm of carefully placing thousands of colored diamond gems to create this masterfully crafted creation! Shop for the lowest prices on diamond painting kits and tons of fun crafting options.This diamond painting kit on sale is perfect for crafting enthusiasts, amateur artists and pros alike! The larger size of this kit will provide an even more detailed finished product than the standard size, proving the artist with an unparalleled level of detail and precision crafting! Whether you are looking to relax your mind after a hard day’s work or find a fun activity to take your creativity to the next level - this Precious Mother Mary In Prayer diamond painting kit has you covered! Crafting is an excellent way to express your creativity, reduce stress and provide a calming and meditative activity. Put on your favorite show and begin your journey of assembling each colored diamond gem and eventually, watch your masterpiece come to life. offers free shipping worldwide on over 500,000 of our products with fast shipping and 24 hour customer support. Our diamond painting kits come with everything needed to complete your project - from the pre-printed canvas, to the diamond gems and tools to apply the gems. Even a beginner diamond painting artist will find pleasure in the assembling of the diamond strands. In addition, each purchase includes a bonus: a hook to hang your masterpiece! With over 500,000 happy customers, our amazing reviews speak for themselves. As Vincent Van Gogh famously said: “If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced”. Try the Precious Mother Mary In Prayer diamond painting kit today and unlock the hidden crafter in you! #DiamondPainting #Crafting #MotherMary Here’s what Jay Edwards had to say after completing the Precious Mother Mary In Prayer diamond art piece: ‘I was skeptical of starting a diamond paint project with my limited crafting abilities, but after completion of my first diamond paint picture I can’t stop creating! The feeling of accomplishment and the satisfaction of a finished masterpiece keeps me coming back for more. A must have for creative minds’.
Golden Angel
Golden Angel from $3.99 $29.99
Inspire your creativity with this one-of-a-kind Golden Angel diamond painting kit! This amazing craft kit is perfect for experienced and beginner crafters alike. As you progress and complete this stunning work of art, you’ll be welcomed by a gorgeous angel, flying amidst a star-filled sky. Beginners can start with smaller diamond painting kits to practice their skills and create a detailed, completed work of art. As you become more comfortable with this fantastic craft, you can move onto larger diamond paintings for an even more intricate and detailed finished product. And don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! All diamond painting kits come with everything you need—diamonds, special tools, and even instruction guides. Plus, with’s lowest prices, free shipping worldwide, and excellent reviews, you really can’t miss! Crafting is not just fun, but also has many mental health benefits! Studies have shown that crafting projects can help improve focus, reduce stress, and boost your overall happiness. "Diamond painting has been a revelation for me. When I heard about this craft I immediately gave it a go and I haven't stopped since! I love how I can express my creativity and how visually stunning the finished projects look. Plus, the time I spend working on the projects helps to greatly improve my mood and de-stress." - Bob, Happy Customer Join over 500,000 satisfied customers and bring a little something special into your life with this Golden Angel Diamond Painting Kit! Ready to shop? Get yours today! #DIY #diamondPainting #expressionThroughArt “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” -Pablo Picasso
Dancing Angel
Dancing Angel from $3.99 $29.99
Say hello to the Dancing Angel Diamond Painting Kit! This kit is an amazing addition to any diamond painting enthusiast's collection. Perfect for all skill levels, you can take your time and enjoy creating a masterpiece with this amazing kit! Whether you are just starting out, or an experienced artist, you will love the intricate beauty of a diamond painting. Plus, offers the lowest prices on all diamond painting kits with free shipping worldwide and fast shipping. It's time to #craft and have some fun! Unwind from a busy day as you carefully place each diamond one-by-one and watch your painting come to life - turn any room into a worldly & beautiful art gallery with diamond paintings! A fun activity that anyone can enjoy, diamond painting also offers mental health benefits & satisfies your creative needs. Our Dancing Angel Diamond Painting kit is perfect for a night in with friends. Finish projects with detail with the larger diamond painting or enjoy the ease of a beginner painting with the smaller size. Every kit comes with everything you need to complete the project to your satisfaction! And you can rest assured that you have the support of over 500,000 happy customers and excellent reviews. “Creativity takes courage - Henri Matisse.” Here is a review from Margaret T. about the Dancing Angel Diamond Painting kit: “I am absolutely in love with my Dancing Angel Diamond Painting Kit! I can’t believe how detailed and beautiful the finished product is and I can really see why diamond painting is so popular. Highly recommend to anyone looking to try this craft. #DiamondPainting #PaintingWithDiamonds #DIYProjects
Heavenly Walk In A Dirt Path With Jesus
Heavenly Walk In A Dirt Path With Jesus from $4.99 $29.99
Feel Divine with the Heavenly Walk In A Dirt Path With Jesus Diamond Painting Kit! Let yourself take a divine journey and connect with the sacred with this amazing Heaven Walk In A Dirt Path With Jesus diamond painting kit. Each kit comes with everything you need to craft the perfect masterpiece. This beautiful scene shows the divine energy of a walk with Jesus in a wheat-filled dirt path that will ignite your spiritual journey. According to a study done by a major university in 2017, crafting has been known to have therapeutic benefits such as reducing stress and improving overall mood. You can hang your finished art on a wall in your living space (or wherever you please!) and add a touch of peace to any room. A diamond painting kit is also great to display as a thoughtful gift to a family member or friend. "A handmade piece of art is like a hug from a loved one" - Eleanor, a happy customer. #Eleanor #DiamondPainting #HeavenlyWalk Dave, a diamond painting enthusiast says "Doing this diamond painting has helped me with overcoming anxiety this year. I highly recommend it as a form of calming therapy". Free shipping and orders ship within 24 hours, so order yours now and experience the spiritually uplifting effect of the Heavenly Walk In A Dirt Path With Jesus diamond painting kit. "Every child is an artist, The problem is to remain an artist once we grow up" - Pablo Picasso.
Jesus On A Peaceful Walk
Jesus On A Peaceful Walk from $4.99 $29.99
Jesus On A Peaceful Walk Diamond Painting Kit will bring peace and inspiration to your life instantly. Paint with diamonds and create a unique piece of art that you can proudly display or give as a gift to a special loved one. This diamond painting kit includes an amazing picture of Jesus On A Peaceful Walk. The vibrant colors, sparkling diamond surface and intricate detailing makes this kit an ideal choice for art lovers. Recreate this majestic image of Jesus yourself and discover your inner peace as you work. Diamond painting is proven to have calming and therapeutic effects on the mind. Craft lovers often find that the mindful repetition of sorting and placing the diamond shapes onto the canvas is an incredibly calming and meditative experience. Studies have shown that crafting is beneficial for mental health and can be used as an effective way to reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Plus, this kit offers free shipping and you'll receive your order within 24 hours. As Mary from Canada said: "I was surprised by how much I enjoyed diamond painting! It's therapeutic and inspiring. I'm so proud of this one I made, it's an amazing piece of art!" Challenge yourself with Jesus On A Peaceful Walk Diamond Painting Kit and explore the healing power of art for yourself. Beautifully crafted and meticulously detailed, you'll be able to create a stunning piece of art that you can admire for years to come. #peaceful #jesus #diamondpainting "The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls" -Pablo Picasso.
Jesus On A Peaceful Walk
Jesus On A Peaceful Walk from $4.99 $29.99
Jesus On A Peaceful Walk Diamond Painting Kit Take a stroll with Jesus in the Jesus On A Peaceful Walk Diamond Painting Kit. Enjoy the calming process of transforming an abstract design into an art masterpiece with this kit. The set includes all the tools you need to add some sparkle to your life with diamond painting. This diamond painting kit comes with carefully selected blue, gray, and white crystals to really make the illustration pop! Plus, it comes with an LED light pad that is perfect for those evening crafts. Diamond painting not only creates the satisfaction of crafting and seeing the final product, but it's also great for mental health. Crafting improves focus and encourages mindful thoughts. "I gifted this to my mum and she absolutely loves it! She was so happy with the crystals and the LED light pad made crafting with this painting a breeze. She claims it has brought her so much joy!” - Fiona M., Satisfied Customer The diamond painting kit also comes with FREE shipping and orders typically ship within 24 hours, so you can start crafting as soon as possible! "Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable." - Banksy #diamondpainting #creativecrafting #mentalhealthbenefits
Jesus In The Wilderness
Jesus In The Wilderness from $4.99 $29.99
Jesus In The Wilderness: Diamond painting has never been easier with this stunning masterpiece. Let this premium diamond painting kit transport you to a place of tranquility and peace as you create an inspiring and beautiful image to hang in your home. This masterpiece-in-the-making includes everything you need to embark on a journey of creativity and relaxation. From the special selection of colors to the premium European diamonds, you'll enjoy hours of calming time perfecting your own Jesus In The Wilderness. And, not only will you produce something of physical beauty, it will also allow you to benefit from the mental calming and therapeutic effects of expressing yourself through art. Whether you want to surprise someone special with a thoughtful handmade gift or craft for yourself to enrich your own life, with this diamond painting kit you'll experience the joy of creating a stunning masterpiece to call your own. Plus, every order includes FREE shipping and they all ship within 24 hours. "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life" -Pablo Picasso “This diamond painting craft was so peaceful and calming! I was able to add color to my day and felt great once I finished it. 10/10 would recommend to a friend” - Jenn #diamondpainting#JesusInTheWilderness#handmadegifts
The Virgin Mary With Roses And Golden Glow
The Virgin Mary With Roses And Golden Glow from $4.99 $29.99
Bring the beauty and tranquility of religious artwork into your life with The Virgin Mary With Roses And Golden Glow diamond painting kit! This breathtaking piece of art is made up of hundreds of diamond beads and designed with incredible detail. Unwind and relax while bringing to life an iconic artwork that you can be proud of! Did you know that diamond art activities have been linked to the release of ^-endorphins? The process of placing our diamond beads is almost meditative and produces a feeling of relaxation and accomplishment. This diamond kit includes everything you need to get started - from the tools to the diamond beads - and contains free shipping with orders shipped within 24 hours. Imagine the joy of giving this as a gift to a loved one, or the feeling of a job well done when you can't wait to hang up your artwork for a beautiful display. "I'm very happy with the purchase of the Virgin Mary diamond painting kit. Art has definitely been an anchor in my life during difficult times and this diamond painting helps me find mindfulness and peace." - Mary Smith Bring joy and peace to your life - create The Virgin Mary With Roses And Golden Glow today! #Mary #DiamondPainting #Crafting "The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves." - Carl Jung

Enhance Your Spiritual Journey with Diamond Painting Religious Kits from

Discover the beauty of spiritual art with our exclusive line of diamond painting religious kits from! Our collection of spiritual and religious-themed diamond paintings offers a meaningful way to explore divine artwork - enabling you to craft your very own representation of faith, hope, and enlightenment.

At, each diamond painting kit is made with premium quality materials and manufactured using state-of-the-art processes - ensuring each canvas is perfectly cut and every diamond fits securely onto its respective sticky pad - even after multiple repositionings! Our diamonds come in an impressive range of sizes and colors - giving you the opportunity to select exactly which beads will bring your vision to life!

Experience this unique form of art today by exploring our unbeatable selection at! Whether you are looking for a symbol of religious devotion or seeking to express something more abstract, our diamond paintings offer a great way to get creative and study divinity through art. Let's embark on this special journey together - purchase one of our spiritual kits today for free shipping on most orders!

Religious Diamond Painting Kits

Diamond painting kits featuring religious motifs offer a unique way to capture the spirit of the holidays. Religious-themed art has been used for centuries to express spiritual beliefs, as well as confer divine protection and good fortune. From icons of Jesus Christ in the Middle Ages to elaborate oil paintings depicting various Christian stories, religious artwork has come in many forms and served many purposes throughout history.

One of the most popular pieces of religious art is Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling fresco, which depicts 12 scenes from the Bible on a ceiling over 30 meters high. Visitors and art enthusiasts marvel at this masterpiece not only for its portrayal of sacred stories, but also due to its intricate details and breathtaking grandeur.

Religious artwork can symbolize faith and hope, as well as serve as an inspiring reminder that no matter how difficult life may get, we are never alone. Diamond painting kits featuring religious motifs such as crosses or angels help bring this message alive in a fun and interactive way that all ages can enjoy together.

The process of diamond painting is incredibly calming; each piece must be precisely placed onto the canvas according to the provided pattern in order to recreate any given design - making it perfect for Christmas morning bonding! With careful preparation and attention to detail, families can create beautiful artworks that will last for years to come. Not only does diamond painting provide a great form of creative expression, but it also has therapeutic benefits due to its calming nature which helps distract from stressors while focusing on something enjoyable.

Furthermore; looking at these works of art can bring about feelings relaxation due to their vibrant colors which adds even more value when gifted during this special season!
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Religious Diamond Painting Kits