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Trying to find the perfect diamond painting tools and accessories?

Looking to make your paint with diamonds experience a lot better?

We carry a massive collection of diamond painting tools, check out our storage boxes, light tablets, storage cases, light tablet holders and cases as well as many other highly recommended diamond painting accessories to make your diamond art projects a lot easier.

Reduce hand strain, eye strain, neck pain, and back pain by selecting these tools that are made to make your 5D diamond art experience a lot easier on your body and mind.

This page ranks our best selling tools and accessories. You really can't go wrong with any of them. All our items will show real customer reviews so that you can have confidence in the diamond painting items you are buying.

Best Diamond Painting Accessories

1. Diamond Painting Storage box - The 28 pack diamond painting storage box is our all-time best seller. This is perfect for a new DIY diamond art lover. More experienced diamond painting lovers will go for larger storage or buy a number of these boxes.

2. Diamond Painting Light Tablet - The A4 Diamond Painting Light Tablet is an incredible diamond painting tool. You lay your diamond art canvas on top of the tablet and set the light to one of the 3 settings. The light will bring to live the color codes and help you see them a lot easier. This also is a must-have for the serious diamond painting fan. 

3. Diamond Painting Magnifying Glass - We sell a few of these in different models. We have the LED desktop magnifier which comes with a clamp that will hold on to just about anything and provide you with a light and a magnifier. We also have magnifying glasses that are very popular. Remember the numbers will always be small on the canvas, so if you need some help seeing, you should probably grab one of these.

4. Diamond Painting Pens - We have a number of these diamond art pens. These are great to have because as you diamond paint your stress away for hours on end it is nice to change the weight and size of the pen from time to time to take away some of the hand cramping. 

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