Dreaming Up A Dragon
Dreaming Up A Dragon from $4.99 $24.99
Stained Glass Dragon
Stained Glass Dragon from $4.99 $24.99
Magic Dragons Diamond Painting
Magic Dragons from $14.99 $19.99
Dragon Passion Diamond Painting
Dragon Passion from $14.99 $19.99
Fairy Queen of Dragons Diamond Painting Kit Free Diamond Painting
Fairy Queen of Dragons from $14.99 $23.97
Dragon Fire and Ice Free Diamond Painting
Dragon Fire and Ice from $14.99 $23.97
Dream Catching Dragonfly Painting With Diamonds Kit Free Diamond Painting
Dream Catching Dragonfly from $19.97 $24.96
Cute, Wee Neon Dragon
Cute, Wee Neon Dragon from $4.99 $29.99
Story Time For Dragon
Story Time For Dragon from $4.99 $29.99
Golden Eye Dragon
Golden Eye Dragon from $4.99 $24.99
Night Dragon
Night Dragon $19.99 $39.99
Moon Dragon
Moon Dragon $19.99 $39.99
Dangerous Dragon
Dangerous Dragon $19.99 $39.99
Easter Baby Dragon Free Diamond Painting
Easter Baby Dragon from $24.99 $51.97
Rainbow Raindrop Dragon Free Diamond Painting
Rainbow Raindrop Dragon from $12.99 $23.97
Dragon Bubble Bath Diamond Painting Kit For Adults Diamond Painting
Dragon Bubble Bath from $14.99 $19.99
Dragons in Love Diamond Painting
Dragons in Love from $14.99 $19.99
Neon Komodo Dragon Diamond Painting Kit For Adults Diamond Painting
Neon Komodo Dragon from $14.99 $19.99
Baby Dragon Free Diamond Painting
Baby Dragon from $14.99 $23.97
Red Firey Dragon Free Diamond Painting
Red Firey Dragon from $14.99 $23.97
Dragon Fly Dreams Free Diamond Painting
Dragon Fly Dreams from $14.99 $21.97
Dragon Fire DIY Diamond Painting Kit Free Diamond Painting
Dragon Fire from $19.97 $30.60

Dragon Diamond Painting Kits For Adults and Kits

History of Dragon Art

Dragons have been a popular subject for art throughout many cultures around the world for centuries. From Chinese and European mythology to modern fantasy fiction, dragons are seen as powerful creatures that represent strength, courage and wisdom. In early works of art, dragons were depicted as fearsome creatures with wings, scales and claws; but over time they gradually became associated with more benevolent traits such as protection and generosity.

Famous Dragon Artworks

One of the most famous examples of dragon artwork is Gustave Moreau's painting The Dragon, which was completed in 1877. This piece depicts a muscular dragon with wings spread wide as it gazes out towards a distant horizon. By capturing the creature in this way, Moreau conveys an intense feeling of power and majesty while still maintaining the beauty of the beast.

Another renowned work is Titian's 1523 painting The Triumph of Bacchus and Ariadne, which features a large white dragon in the background. This particular piece is thought to symbolize both good and evil as it follows Bacchus on his journey to reunite with his true love Ariadne. The white color of the dragon is thought by some to represent purity while others believe it could be interpreted as an ominous warning about what lies ahead for Bacchus' journey.

What Dragon Art Symbolize

Dragon art often symbolizes strength, courage and wisdom; representing them as noble creatures who can protect their loved ones from danger or adversity. They embody a sense of power and resilience that can help one overcome obstacles or difficult situations in life by relying on their inner strength to get through anything. Dragons also often serve as symbols of luck or good fortune; inspiring people to chase after their dreams without fear!

Diamond Art is Fun

Diamond painting kits offer a fun way to capture the spirit of dragons through art! These kits usually feature vibrant designs based on any number of fantasy-themed motifs such as mythical beasts, castles or enchanted forests – each inviting new adventures into one’s imagination! As each diamond-shaped piece is meticulously placed onto the canvas according to the printed pattern provided; it helps bring together an intricate work of art that can be admired or gifted as an inspiring reminder each day!

Benefits of Diamond Painting

In addition to being an enjoyable activity for all ages; diamond painting at Christmas can also provide emotional benefits due to its calming nature. The repetitive process helps focus one’s thoughts away from stressors while providing an outlet for creative expression as well as feelings achievement once completed! Furthermore; looking at these masterpieces can bring about feelings relaxation due to their vibrant colors which adds even more value when given away as gifts during this special season!
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