Order Extra Diamonds

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Square Round



Order Extra Diamonds

$4.99 $12.99 -62% OFF


Square Round


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How To Order Missing Diamonds:

1. Figure out the DMC color code. It is a 3 or 4 digit code. Make sure to verify that the number is correct when ordering so that your code matches the color you are trying to get.

2. Decide whether you need square or round diamonds, square diamonds are by far the most popular.

3. If you are ordering multiple colors, you must add each code separately. 

Diamond Art Extra Diamonds

Need extra diamonds for your diamond art project? Now you can order high quality diamond drills

Diamond art diamonds are the perfect way to express your creativity and make unique artwork. As small, colorful pieces of resin, they can be used to create stunning works of art with just a few simple steps. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, diamond art diamonds provide an easy, stress-free way to craft beautiful mosaics.

Plus, diamond art diamonds come in 100s of colors and shades so you can mix and match to create the look you want. And since they’re eco-friendly materials, there’s no need to worry about toxic chemicals - start crafting with confidence! With these tiny gems, you can take your projects from ordinary to extraordinary - explore diamond art diamonds today!

Replacement Diamonds for Diamond Painting

When crafting diamond paintings, it’s important to have enough diamonds for the entire project. That’s why DiamondPainting.com makes it easy to order extra diamonds so you don’t run out halfway through. With a simple click, you can add as many additional diamonds as your project requires — and with their variety of colors and shades, you won’t be short on options!

To help you find the perfect color every time, DiamondPainting.com uses DMC color codes to identify each shade of diamond. These codes make it easy to match the right color to your pattern - simply refer to the corresponding code in the description of each kit or extra diamond packs you order. With clearly identified colors and plenty of extra gems at hand, you can craft without worry!

Need extra beads?

Now you can buy packets of beads. Each color packet you order will get you over 1000 diamonds..

Enter the following information color order box on this page:

  • Color: #### (give us 3- or 4-digit number that corresponds to the color you need)

Note: Colors are based off the DMC color codes. Here is a link to the chart. Also, the images in the listing are of the color codes.

You should be able to find your needed colors on the guide on your project.

If you need additional help, email support@diamondpainting.com

Diamond Shape: Round or Square

Do Diamond Paintings Come With Extra Diamonds

No, diamond painting kits typically come with close to the correct amount needed. So should you have an accident, spillage, or misplace them, you will find yourself hustling to try and replace the lost diamonds. On certain kits, replacing diamonds is not advised and even aged or older kits may have a different cut to the diamond or blend that could be different. So you may not end up with an exact match.

Extra diamond art beads are available, pick the matching DMC color code and write that number in the box above. We must have that number to provide you with the diamond dotz missing beads that you need. The extra diamonds for diamond art kits will come in about 2 weeks. Please be sure to include the DMC code with each order. You can only order 1 color at a time. The beads can not be split into smaller bags.

When buying replacement beads for diamond painting, remember that odler beads may have faded in color and may not match the new diamonds that you receive. So keep that in mind when ordering. Also, if you are missing a lot of beads, you may want to just reorder the art. If we dont carry the art in any of our diamond painting collections, you can order your own images as a custom diamond painting.

Can You Buy Extra Diamond Dotz?

Can you buy extra diamond dotz is a question we get from many customers. The answer is yes, but it's not that simple to just order diamond dotz replacement beads. Here are some cases where it is better to not buy replacement dotz.

  • Is your kit a few months old? If it is, your diamonds may have aged or lost their shine. If that's the case, the replacement diamonds wont match exactly and may not look right.
  • Missing a lot of colors? The price per replacement package may exceed the price of a new kit. Take a look at our cheaper discounted diamond painting kits and you may see a color similar to your replacement that may be a better buy.
  • An old kit may have more problems. If you haven't stored the kit correctly, you could be faced with a dried glue or wax situation where your kit won't quite bounce back correctly.
  • Lost your DMC codes? If you don't have the exact color code, you could be in for more trouble. It may be better to just spend money on getting a new custom diamond art kit than trying to work a miracle.
  • Have other beads? Don't be afraid to improvise with other colors if necessary. It's your craft project so do as you see fit.

Does Diamond Art Come With Extra Diamonds?

Some diamond art kits come with extra diamonds, some do not. Often depending on your kit you may have as much as 30% extra diamonds. Often other kits, they come a lot closer to often only providing nearly the exact amount. We recommend shopping from DiamondPainting.com because diamond painting.com will normally contain close to 20% extra diamonds per kit, which means you will soon have enough extra diamonds of a number of colors that ordering extra diamonds for diamond art kits will no longer be a factor for you.

Another solution is to order a kit with similar color base and use that to work with kit you are needing replacements for. We offer tons of different kits, you can find animal kits, bird diamond painting kits, and numerous other diamond painting kits in our collections. 


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