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Diamond Painting Ultra Pens has just released their all-new Ultra Pens which are the perfect accessory for any diamond painting enthusiast! These upgraded pens feature an ergonomic design that allows you to canvas your diamond art without straining your hands or fingers. Plus, they come in specially designed colors and sizes to help you distinguish between different parts of the pattern.

The Ultra Pens make sticking diamonds onto a canvas much quicker and easier than traditional waxes and rollers. They have a flat head tip that accurately fits each diamond shape so you don't have to worry about misplacing them or having them fall off before they can be fully secured. Moreover, with their comfortable grip and soft plunger, you get unmatched control with every press - so your final result looks more professional and stays firmly in place for longer.

And if that isn’t enough, these pens also come with extra features like a dust brush for removing excess particles from the canvases; as well as a cap catcher which conveniently holds all caps during use - eliminating any messes! All in all, these nifty tools are sure to save you time while achieving high-quality results.

So if you want to upgrade your diamond painting experience and create stunning pieces of art effortlessly, then order your set of DiamondPainting's Ultra Pens today!

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