Horse with Flowers Free Diamond Painting Horse with Flowers Free Diamond Painting
Horse with Flowers from $14.99 $23.97
Are you ready to be transported to a magical world where horses are adorned with flowers in their manes? Our "Horse with Flowers" diamond painting kit will take you there! With its high-quality sticky canvas and color-coded sections, creating your own shimmering masterpiece has never been easier. Did you know that diamond painting is not only a fun and relaxing hobby, but it also helps to relieve stress and relax your mind? It's like therapy in a kit! And with our simple how-to guide, you'll be creating your own artistry in no time. Imagine spending a lazy afternoon with your friends or family, each working on your own "Horse with Flowers" diamond painting kit. You'll be amazed at how time flies by as you chat, laugh, and create together. Or maybe you prefer to spend some quiet time alone, letting your mind wander as you apply each diamond to the canvas. Either way, diamond painting is the perfect way to unwind and let your creativity flow. As Pablo Picasso once said, "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." So why not add some sparkle and shine to your life with our "Horse with Flowers" diamond painting kit? Order now and let the magic begin!
Horse Running In Golden Field
Horse Running In Golden Field from $3.99 $29.99
Explore the unending possibilities of creativity with the "Horse Running In Golden Field" diamond painting kit from This kit features a rich and vibrant image with a horse running around a sunlit field, perfect for setting up in any room. Let your imagination run wild as you slowly create your very own masterpiece that can be displayed after completion. Our kits are perfect for any type of crafter, from kids and beginners to experienced painters. Each kit comes with everything you need to bring your canvas to life. All diamond painting kits come with a deluxe, colored canvas, high-quality diamonds, and tools to help you work. But the best thing? Our prices are some of the lowest in the industry - and we offer FREE Worldwide Shipping! Join over 500,000 happy customers and craft with confidence knowing that your order is backed up with fast 24-hour customer service and excellent reviews. Sharon G. said she loved her Horse Running In Golden Field Diamond Painting kit: "It was nice to take a few hours to relax and feel creative; I would totally recommend this craft to anyone looking for some stress-free fun!" Crafting can not only be fun, but it can also be therapeutic. According to research, crafting activities, like diamond painting, can help to reduce stress, improve mood, and increase feelings of wellbeing. Diamond painting can be great for all ages. A bonus tip that experienced painters use is to organize their diamonds by color and place them in individual cups for quicker pick-up! At, we are confident that you will absolutely love our craft kits and our customer's rave reviews back that up. If you're looking for the best prices, fast shipping, and quality customer service - you've come to the right place! Talk about great value for money! Get all the supplies you need with one click. Plus, you have the added bonus of having access to many of our collections, such as Abstract Diamond Painting Kits, Best Selling Diamond Painting Kits and so much more. Satisfy your creativity, enjoy the release of tension, and make sure you take advantage of the huge savings of up to 80% available on Diamond Painting.
Art Horse
Art Horse from $3.99 $29.99
Do something special for yourself and bring a little art to life with this incredible Art Horse Diamond Painting kit! This stunning painting is both fun and relaxing, perfect for killing time stress-free while constructing something absolutely beautiful. Perfect for crafts of all ages and skill levels, the kit includes everything you need to make your masterpiece a reality – diamonds, tools, and instructions. Not to mention, we have the best prices on all diamond painting kits — so there's no need to look anywhere else. Our 500K+ customers have also left excellent reviews. "I've always been looking for a fun craft project that the entire family can enjoy — should have looked at the Art Horse diamond painting kit sooner! It was a blast for everyone involved! It's also a great way to relax and refocus — I can definitely attest to that!" -Jane, a happy customer. The diamond painting also comes with free shipping worldwide! Plus, be confident knowing we’re known for our fast shipping and 24 hour customer support. Not sure what to do? Here’s a helpful tip: when placing each diamond, press the diamond slightly when picking up from the plate to avoid accidentally dropping it. For more great diamond painting kits, check out our All Diamond Art Kits and The Great Outdoors Diamond Painting Kits at Get your Diamond Painting supplies and start crafting today!
Colorful Art Horse
Colorful Art Horse from $3.99 $29.99
Create a beautiful masterpiece with the Colorful Art Horse diamond painting from! Our kits come with everything you need to create a stunning work of art, and in no time you'll be showing off your diamond creations to your friennds. And with our low prices and free shipping worldwide, it's easier than ever to bring your crafting dreams to life. Diamond painting offers many physical and mental health benefits to help you relax and de-stress after a long day. Crafting can help you relax, and give you a sense of accomplishment as you finish each and every diamond painting you create. Karen couldn't be happier with her purchase from “This Colorful Art Horse diamond painting has been so fun to do and looks great! I love how all of the needles, diamonds, and canvas all came together to create such an amazing piece of art. Thanks for the low prices and great customer support - my order arrived super fast!” Start crafting today with the Colorful Art Horse diamond painting kit: it comes with eco-friendly canvas, bright diamond beads, and the tools you need to craft spectacular art. Plus, offers fast shipping and excellent 24 hour customer support. With over 500,000 happy customers and excellent reviews, you know you can trust us to get you the best diamond painting kits. Don't forget to seal your diamond painting project when you're done crafting - simply use a damp cloth to keep your project secure and looking brand new. Check out our best-selling diamond painting kits for more beautiful art. And for tools and accessories to complete your project, visit Diamond Painting Tools and Accessories. With, you will get unmatched prices, fast, free shipping worldwide, and excellent customer service. Shop the Colorful Art Horse diamond painting kit today at and complete your latest masterpiece. Make sure to explore the full range of our Diamond Painting selection and start creating!
Wild Horse And Full Moon
Wild Horse And Full Moon from $3.99 $29.99
Capture the magic of the night sky in your own home with the Wild Horse and Full Moon Diamond Painting Kit! This piece features a beautiful black stallion galloping on the beach with the full moon in the backdrop. In this kit you get everything you need to make a masterpiece, including the diamonds, sticky canvas, applicator tool, and instructions. Make your home decor feel unique and special with this stunning canvas painting. has the best prices on these diamond painting kits - you will not find a better deal! Plus, all of our items have worldwide free shipping and we guarantee fast shipping and excellent 24 hour customer support. We are proud of our 500,000+ happy customers and all our excellent reviews! John R. said, "I loved doing my Wild Horse and Full Moon Diamond Painting Kit from - it was such a fun and relaxing experience! Not only did I get to unleash my creative side, but it was a great form of stress relief too." Here's a tip - before you start, make sure you organize all the diamonds by color and shape! That way, when you go to attach them to the canvas, the process will be a lot faster. Now, you can make your own stunning piece of art with this Wild Horse and Full Moon Diamond Painting Kit! We offer a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from but we know you'll find something special here. Look through our All Items, Horse Diamond Painting Kits, and Butterfly Diamond Painting Kits collections to find your perfect piece. At Diamond Painting you'll be sure to find something to spark joy.
Spiritual Horse
Spiritual Horse from $3.99 $29.99
Express yourself artistically with the Spiritual Horse Diamond Painting Kit from! Known for our unbeatable prices and fast shipping, we have 500,000 happy customers worldwide. We have everything you need to create a beautiful piece of art with our premium, crystal-like rhinestones and easy-to-follow instructions and supplies. The best part? We have FREE worldwide shipping! This fun and unique hobby is easy to learn and lets you create stunning works of art from the comfort of your own home. The best part? Crafting does wonders for your mental and emotional health! Crafting lets you take a break from the hustle and bustle and submerges you in calming creative atmosphere. Our customer Tom H. loves this diamond painting: "Spiritual Horse Diamond Painting Kit is my favorite. I've learned a lot from it and my diamond painting skills have improved dramatically. Very satisfied with the results!" This kit comes with everything you need to make beautiful art along with a helpful video guide for beginners and tips on becoming a diamond painting pro! Need an extra tip? Make sure to dab the diamonds to the numbers and not the symbols for the best results. We strive to be the best in the business, and with excellent reviews and 24-Hour customer support, our mission is complete when you're satisfied. Why wait? Explore our Best-Selling Diamond Painting Kits or create a custom masterpiece of your own today! Customers can always count on Diamond Painting's unbeatable prices so they can Diamond Paint to their heart's content!
Magical Horse
Magical Horse from $3.99 $29.99
Unlock the hidden magic of our Magical Horse diamond painting kit and bring to life a beautiful, unique piece of art! This diamond painting kit is perfect for a novice enthusiast or an experienced diamond painter. Our kits come with everything you need to get started and start crafting beautiful memories. From the premium canvas to our pristine gems, you'll create a long-lasting masterpiece that will appear sparkly and flawless. We are known for our unbelievably fast shipping, giving you all the tools to create your diamond painting in no time! also has the best prices on diamond painting so you're sure to get the absolute best deal around. Plus, Enjoy the wonderful mental and physical benefits of craftwork. Crafting can be a great mindful exercise - reducing stress and helping improve happiness. Take some time to relax and get creative with this unique diamond painting kit. Our kits come with simple and straightforward instructions, so you can start crafting with ease. We also have over 500,000 happy customers and provide excellent customer support should you need any extra help along the way. Don't just take our word for it, here's what our customers had to say - "Diamond painting has become a regular part of my daily stress relief routine. I'm so relieved I've found something that works to help get through hard days! So happy had the Magical Horse kit in stock" - Jessica, New York. If you're ever stuck, we have plenty of helpful advice over on our blog. Here you can learn tips and tricks for your diamond painting, like how to clean your diamond painting frame, tricks to make your diamond painting easier, or how to fix clogged drills. Remember to always look at the bigger picture when diamond painting! With free shipping worldwide and 100% satisfaction guarantee, is the best place to purchase your diamond painting kit. Check out our Abstract and Animal collections to find the perfect kit for you or a loved one. You can trust that Diamond Painting will be there for you, with 24 hour customer support and excellent reviews! Visit Diamond Painting today and have your masterpiece delivered in no time.
Mighty Horse
Mighty Horse from $3.99 $29.99
Capture the majestic spirit of the smooth trotting Mighty Horse with this beautiful diamond painting kit. The big sparkly crystals of this 5d kit will catch the eye`s attention, and with it's easy instructions, you can create this picture in no time. It is proven that creating art with our diamond painting kits can provide great focus and relaxation as well as improve your mental wellness. Perfect for any crafter, this set comes with everything you need to complete your project and make something truly beautiful. is known for their unbeatable prices and fast shipping - with orders being delivered worldwide for free within a few days. We have more than 500,000 happy customers and makes us the best choice for all of your diamond painting needs! "I just finished my Mighty Horse diamond painting kit and I am absolutely in love with it! This was my first time trying out and I am sure that it won't be my last. The shipment was incredibly fast, the quality of the materials was perfect, and the customer support was top notch. I can't say enough about it!”-Happy Customer Create something amazing today with and don’t forget to always get organized with you project. To help you out, consider using post-it notes to mark the areas and colors that you have already finished. Diamond Painting has all the kits you need to make your artistic dreams come true - be sure to check out our Horse Diamond Painting Kits collection today!
Magical Horse
Magical Horse from $3.99 $29.99
Bring your imagination to life with the Magical Horse diamond painting kit from! With our kits, you can create a magnificent horse painting with diamond accents, perfect for hanging in your home, giving as a gift, or even selling. All of our kits come with everything you need to paint your masterpiece, including vibrant diamond beads and a clear canvas, so you can craft with ease. Plus, our prices are unbeatable and our shipping is always free with worldwide delivery. We even boast an incredible 24 hour customer service and over 500,000 happy customers! "It's honestly so fun and rewarding to do diamond painting!" says Jane Doe, one of our many happy customers. "Plus, I'm able to relax and exercise my creative muscles in a stress-free way. really has the best deals on diamond painting kits." With our quick shipping and excellent kits, you'll be able to create your own gorgeous works of art in no time! Try adding a little bit of glue to the tip of your diamond applicator pen to make sure your beads won't slip off and create a blurry image. At, we are sure to make your diamond painting journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Shop our selection today to get started with the Magical Horse kit and more! To find even more diamond painting kits explore our all diamond art kits collection, check out our popular best selling diamond painting kits, or browse our store for a variety of diamond painting tools and accessories. Diamond Painting has something for everyone!
Mighty Horse
Mighty Horse from $3.99 $29.99
We are proud to present the Mighty Horse Diamond Painting Kit. Engage in hours of elevated creativity and quality relaxation time with this mesmerizing craft project! Gather up friends and family for this imaginative and stress-relieving activity. In addition to diamond painting's numerous mental health benefits, crafting with diamonds also fosters a sense of well-being and joy that simply cannot be overstated. Our Diamond Painting Kits come with everything you need to complete the project and they arrive at your door with FREE Shipping. We are known for our excellent customer service, FAST Shipping, over 500,000 happy customers, and top-notch prices which you won't find anywhere else. Just think, you can create a one-of-a-kind art piece that is sure to be admired and cherished. “I absolutely love The Mighty Horse diamond painting kit. I found it to be the perfect way to relax and keep me levelheaded during tough times. The kit comes with all the materials, colors and designs I need to bring imagination and beauty to life. has the best prices you'll ever find,” says Mary Smith. Diamond painting is an innovative way to spruce up your home, office, or gifts for special occasions. And don't forget, when you purchase from our kits are filled with the highest quality materials and all of the drills are pre-sorted for your convenience. As an added bonus, here’s a handy tip for your diamond painting adventure: always sort your drills by color before starting your project! To continue your search for the perfect diamond painting kit, explore our collection of Abstract Diamond Painting Kits and African Art Diamond Painting Kits. And don't forget to shop at Diamond Painting for the best prices and free worldwide shipping.
Spiritual Horse
Spiritual Horse from $3.99 $29.99
Escape into a new world with Spiritual Horse! This beautiful Diamond Painting kit from is an adventure you don't want to miss. It comes with everything you need to craft a masterpiece of your own: diamonds, tweezers, and a self-adhesive canvas. But the pleasure doesn't stop there. Crafting is a perfect way to relax and unwind while taking your mind off of the worries of life. It's also a great way to boost your mental health with a creative activity. And since has the best prices on Diamond Painting kits, that makes it all the much sweeter. Martha J. shared: "The Spiritual Horse diamond painting kit was so much fun to do! It was easy to put together and the end result is stunning. I'll definitely be using again in the future!" You can always count on for fast and free worldwide shipping, 24/7 customer support, over 500,000 happy customers, and excellent online reviews. Plus, with any purchase, you get access to our helpful library of tips and tricks to help you complete your diamond painting project. We're sure you'll have a fantastic time with the Spiritual Horse Diamond Painting kit, but if you have any doubts, remember is dedicated to your satisfaction with a full money back guarantee. Shop now and start crafting your masterpiece! Crafting is fun and relaxing, so make sure to take your time and enjoy the process. To make sure you have the best experience, here's a helpful tip - use two tweezers instead of one to hold the diamonds while placing them onto the canvas! To find the perfect Diamond Painting kit for you, visit our Abstract Diamond Painting Kits here, or browse through our Best Seller collection here. What ever your preference, you can always count on Diamond Painting to provide you with fast shipping and great customer service as well as the best prices on Diamond Painting kits.
Horses In Peaceful Meadow  Diamond Painting Kits
Horses In Peaceful Meadow Diamond Painting Kits $39.99 $69.99
Transform your space into the peaceful meadow of your dreams with the Horses In Peaceful Meadow diamond painting kit from, the original and most trusted diamond painting site. Fall in love with the stunning landscape of horses in the meadow surrounded by rolling hills, lush greenery, and the tie-dye sky. This kit includes everything you need to complete the project —from the high-quality diamond dotting drills to the numbered chart with symbols for easy crafting. Diamond painting kits are an incredibly therapeutic way to relax and take some time out for yourself. With its easy steps and calming effects, diamond painting steadies the heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and can reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety. We have over 500,000 happy customers, a customer service team that is always ready to help, and excellent reviews. By shopping with us, you’ll be sure to create something beautiful quickly and easily, and you’ll have a permanent reminder of your hard work and relaxation time. So, what are you waiting for? Make the Horses In Peaceful Meadow diamond painting today and join our customers in transforming their lives and space with the help of with diamonds has never been easier! In just minutes, you can create your own masterpiece with the vast selection of animal diamond painting kits offered by From cats to wolves and dolphins to horses, has everything you need to bring your walls to life. Get ready to add a touch of color to your daily life and craft your way to a more positive mental health!
Watercolor Meadow And Horses   Diamond Painting Kits
Watercolor Meadow And Horses Diamond Painting Kits $39.99 $69.99
Escape to a beautiful and breathtaking Watercolor Meadow And Horses with this diamond painting kit from, the original most trusted diamond painting website. Our kits include everything to complete the project - simply pop the diamonds to the colorful symbols and watch your masterpiece come alive. Through our high quality and precision printing process, the beauty and intricacy of the artwork will be brought out wonderfully as you meticulously work on the painting. Crafting can be an excellent way to reduce stress and tension in our regular lives. Not only can diamond painting provide us with a creative outlet to express ourselves but with this Watercolor Meadow And Horses kit, you can also relax and let your inner artist come alive. We have over 500,000 happy customers and excellent reviews. Come to to view our full range of diamond painting masterpieces, including animal diamond painting kits and custom diamond painting. You can select the perfect diamond painting kits for your individual needs and preferences. Come join the trend and start diamond painting today!
Mystical Horse  Diamond Painting Kits
Mystical Horse Diamond Painting Kits $39.99 $69.99
Transform your walls with the majestic Mystical Horse Diamond Painting Kit! This amazing kit provides the perfect way to express your creative side while creating a beautiful piece of art. Enjoy the process of making something with your hands, improving your concentration and giving your mental health an extra boost. Once finished, you'll be so proud of what you've made. At, our kits come with everything you need to complete the project. We are the original most trusted diamond painting website with a happy customer base of over 500,000 and excellent reviews. We have endless possibilities for you to explore like horse diamond painting kits, religious diamond painting kits, diamond painting pens, storage boxes, and diamond painting light tablets. Get your Mystical Horse Diamond Painting Kit right away and experience the joy of painting with diamonds! Choosing for your next project is an easy decision. Our diamond painting kits are affordable, easy to understand, and come with everything you need. Plus, you can take pleasure in the creative process while developing a new skill as you paint with diamonds. Get started with your Mystical Horse Diamond Painting Kit now and brighten up any room in your home! Start your newest diamond painting experience and take a look at our abstract diamond painting kits and custom diamond painting. Make something unique and inspiring today with
Watercolor Horse In Peaceful Meadow  Diamond Painting Kits
Watercolor Horse In Peaceful Meadow Diamond Painting Kits $39.99 $69.99
Create a calming oasis of color and serenity with this Watercolor Horse In Peaceful Meadow Diamond Painting Kit, from, the original and most trusted diamond painting website, with over 500,000 happy customers! You'll get everything you need to create a stunning scene, from the high-quality, full-drill canvas, to the vibrant, color-rich diamonds and strong, reliable glue. Diamond painting has been a rising mental health star, due to the calming effect of putting thousands and thousands of individual gems in place with patience and concentration, and this beautiful kit will help you to relax and destress. guarantees your satisfaction with this kit, with all the tools you need for success. If you're new to diamond painting, we also have extensive beginner resources and tutorials, so you can get off to a great start. Get your Watercolor Horse In Peaceful Meadow diamond painting kit and start crafting today! Finish up your diamond painting journey with the extensive selection of kits available at, which includes abstract, African art, animals, birds, butterflies, cacti, cats, Christmas, custom, dogs, dolphins, dragons, dream catchers, eagles, elephants, fall-themed, flowers, glow-in-the-dark, Halloween, holiday, horses, mandala, mermaids, owls, peacocks, Picasso, religious, storage boxes, tigers, trees, and unicorns diamond painting kits!

Horse Diamond Painting Kits

Horse Diamond Painting Kits

Bring the majestic beauty of horses into your living space with horse diamond painting kits. These special kits come pre-prepared with adhesive designs for easy placement, plus high quality diamonds in a variety of colors and sizes to help you create an incredibly realistic and vibrant work of art. With all the tools and materials you need to get started, why not add some stunning equines to your next masterpiece today?

History Of Horse Art

The use of horse-themed artwork dates back thousands of years, with cultures around the world having different interpretations about what these creatures represent in their societies. Ancient Egyptians were known to portray horses as symbols of power and strength whilst Ancient Greeks saw them as divinely inspired animals that could bring messages from the gods. Horses have also been associated with courage – representing endurance and resilience in many parts of the world.

Famous Horse Artists And Artworks

Throughout history, artists have been inspired by horses’ majestic beauty to create stunning works of art. One such example is Leonardo da Vinci’s painting ‘The Battle Of Anghiari’ which features a wild stallion rearing up in defiance against its enemy. Additionally, artist Anna Razumovskaya has used her talent to capture horses’ dynamism in her oil paintings featuring captivating landscapes filled with wild steeds running free.

Benefits Of Diamond Painting

Diamond painting can be an enjoyable way to explore your creative side while also enjoying its many benefits. This type of activity helps foster hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills; making it perfect for people of all ages! Additionally, it can be incredibly calming; helping to reduce stress levels and promote relaxation after a long day. Plus, it creates beautiful artworks that can be cherished for years or gifted during special occasions as unique reminders of our connection with nature - including our beloved horses!

What Horse Art Symbolizes

Horse artwork often symbolizes courage, freedom and loyalty; reminding us that we can always face any challenge if we are willing to take risks and never give up on ourselves. They also serve as a reminder that we are not alone – even in times when life may seem overwhelming or uncertain – because no matter how far away our goals may seem there will always be someone who believes in us just like these amazing creatures do every day! Finally, they encourage us to respect one another – no matter what differences we may have – so that together we can build a brighter future for everyone involved!

Diamond painting is a great way to honor the noble horse and its many meanings through art. With diamond paintings of horses, you can capture the energy and grace of this loving animal in a unique way that will stay with you for years to come! Whether it’s for yourself or someone special, let these beautiful works of art add beauty, joy and positive vibes to your life. With Diamond Painting, you can find an inspiring collection of horse diamond painting kits that are sure to bring out the artist in anyone. Let these majestic creatures spark creativity and appreciation for the beauty around us. Shop now to get started on a unique art project with a truly special meaning!
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Diamond Art Horses

Get creative with diamond art horses! From majestic stallions to clever ponies, there's no better way to bring these beautiful animals to life than with sparkling diamonds. At, they have a wide selection of horse-themed designs that come complete with all the supplies needed to bring your project to life.

No matter how much experience you have with diamond painting, these kits are made for both beginners and experienced artists alike. With easy step-by-step instructions, anyone can create stunning artworks in no time at all. Plus, their website also has plenty tutorials and reviews so you can make sure your projects turn out perfectly every time.

So why wait? Start creating magical horses today with one of these great diamond art horses kits now!