28 Pack Diamond Painting Storage Box Free Diamond Painting 28 Pack Diamond Painting Storage Box Free Diamond Painting
28 Pack Diamond Painting Storage Box $12.99 $39.97
Diamond Painting Storage Box 28 Slots This storage container is the best choice for managing all of your diamond pieces. As you do more and more of these projects, most items will come with extra pieces that you can share and save to use on other projects. This system is also very helpful in managing bigger diamond painting projects. Initially, I would recommend at least 2 of these to manage your pieces. Trust me, you will need more, as your hobby grows! Looking for more diamond painting accessories? Diamond Painting Storage Case Need a diamond painting storage box? Diamond painting storage boxes are becoming increasingly popular among diamond painting enthusiasts. These boxes are designed to keep your diamond-painting supplies organized and safe from dust and dirt, making them ideal for the art form. The boxes come in a variety of sizes and colors, allowing you to store your supplies in an attractive and efficient way. These boxes typically feature individual compartments for your drills, waxes, glues, accessories, and finished paintings. With adjustable dividers, you can customize your box to fit as many or as few supplies as you'd like. Many boxes also come with compartments that are easily removable for extra convenience when traveling or storing larger items. You can get all of these at diamondpainting.com, the largest online retailer of diamond painting tools and accessories. Over 500,000 customers can't be wrong. Most diamond painting storage cases and tools also include a lid or cover that closes securely over the top of the box. This helps protect all of your supplies from dust accumulation and other environmental hazards. Keywords such as '5D diamond painting storage boxes' might be used when looking specifically for these types of containers. The popularity of diamond painting has grown rapidly in recent years and so too have the number of options available when it comes to diamond painting storage boxes. Whether you're a beginner or an expert in the field, having a secure and organized way to store all of your tools is essential for any artist - no matter what kind!
Ultra Thin Diamond Painting Light Tablet Free Diamond Painting Ultra Thin Diamond Painting Light Tablet Free Diamond Painting
Ultra Thin Diamond Painting Light Tablet $34.99 $69.97
Diamond Painting Light Tablets Diamond painting light tablets are great because one of the biggest issues a lot of people have with Diamond Painting is actually seeing the grid accurately and easily. Due to the dark nature of the guide, it can be difficult to see the diamond drill numbers and shapes needed. That is where this diamond painting light tablet will solve the problem. This tablet is now dimmable. Tap the logo on the front side of the tablet to control the brightness. See Your Diamond Painting Kits More Easily By placing a light pad underneath your canvas, it is MUCH easier to follow along.This picture shows how easy it is to actually see when you use a light pad!This Light Pad will make the project a lot easier and more enjoyable as you will see the symbols much more clearly.By using this diamond painting light pad, you will ELIMINATE strain on the eyes and SAVE your neck and back from hunching over your project! Most customers who use a light pad, insist it is the number 1 accessory to use for diamond painting. This lightweight LIGHT PAD was chosen as it is one of the thinnest pads on the market and illuminates via a USB cord for simple use. Size:33.8 cm * 23.8 cm * 3.5 mm