Angel Love

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20x20cm 30x30cm 40x40cm 50x50cm 60x60cm

Angel Love

$14.99 $23.97 -38% OFF


square round


20x20cm 30x30cm 40x40cm 50x50cm 60x60cm
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The image of an angel holding a baby symbolizes the unconditional love and protection that we are all given at birth. An angel cradling an infant in its arms speaks to the unseen presence of God and his heavenly messengers looking out for us since day one.

It is a reminder of the inherent innocence and beauty of childhood - free from judgement or worry about what the world may think, these little ones come into this life trusting in their parents and caregivers to provide for them with selfless love.

The symbolism of having angels watching over our young also reminds us of how precious life truly is. In spite of all the suffering, darkness and pain in this world, there is still goodness everywhere - if we open our hearts to the holy light touching down on Earth.

An angel's embrace bestows hope upon those blessed enough to witness it - that even when doubts cloud our minds or fears creep in, there will always be a gentle guiding hand ready to carry us through any storm.

When you want to create a beautiful piece of art that captures the grace and unique beauty of angels, a diamond painting kit is just the thing. The Angel Diamond Painting Kit from brings together the glimmering diamonds with majestic angel imagery to create an artwork with spiritual symbolism.

This kit contains everything you need to make your own masterpiece: pre-sorted diamonds in various sizes and colors, a high-definition printed canvas with an accurate chart illustrating each color, adhesive sheets, wax pens or rollers (depending on your choice), tweezers, and more. Once completed, not only will you have a stunning wall decoration to admire; but you'll also experience all the therapeutic benefits that come along with diamond painting. From being able to relax while exercising concentration skills to reducing stress while sharpening focus - this craft has taken the world by storm!

If you need additional tools or accessories for your project, has those too! With their wide selection of products ranging from storage organizers and light boards to replacement rhinestones and display frames, it's easy to find what you need for perfecting your diamond painting art.

So why not bring some sparkling angelic beauty into your home today? Get creative with the Angel Diamond Painting Kit - perfect as keepsakes or gifts!


Diamond painting is a process of creating your own shimmering masterpiece using a process similar to paint by numbers. Your chosen piece of art is color coded into sections on a high quality sticky canvas. You then will apply the diamonds using the provided stylus to create a glistening masterpiece.

You can also check out our updated for 2020 Diamond Painting Guide.

✅ Relax, Relieve Stress and Fun: We all know how relaxing crafting can be, the satisfaction felt by creating your own masterpiece and letting time slip away while you unwind is seeming fantasitc for your state of mind. This diamond painting kit will let you relieve a lot of your stress and allow you to concentrate on the diamond painting. Time will fly by as you relax, create and enjoy the wonders of Diamond Painting.

✅ Simple to Create: In order to create your own diamond painting masterpeice, you don’t have to have any real art related skills. Just follow the provided simple instructions we provide and then practice the craft and you will become an expert in no time at all.

✅ Diamond Painting Makes The Perfect Gift: Looking for a fun gift for a friend or family member? Diamond painting is an excellent choice, we have many clients that will give these kits as gifts both completed or as a project for the person to do on their own. Diamond painting is a really fun and relaxing hobby enjoyed by lots of like minded people. Want something really unique? Upload your own photo and create your own diamond painting custom kit here.

✅ Group Projects: These kits can be shared with the entire family. Take turns creating the diamond painting kit with other members or friends or spouses. Some people order multiple kits for the family members to each have their own to work on.

✅ Home Decoration: These kits are great to frame and put up throughout your house. Custom kits are very popular as are seasonal or holiday kits to brighten up your home.

1. Unpack your DIY diamond painting kit.

2. Lay out your canvas, secure it with tape or other method so it doesn't slide around.

3. Peel back a small section to work on, select the color using the color guide. Place a small amount of diamonds in the tray with the flat side down. You can work in whatever direction you feel most comfortable with.

4. Dip the provided stylus into the wax square, use the stylus to then pickup the colored pieces in the tray and apply to the canvas as specified in the color guide. Repeat this process for that coded area.

5. When finished using the color, move on to the next color and repeat the process till complete. While working you should always keep areas covered with the cover sheet so that the canvas does not dry out.

All Kits Will Contain Everything You Need To Complete Your Diamond Painting


From some of our real customer reviews, located here.
Diamond Painting will help you feel relaxed.
Diamond Painting can feel like it relieves stress.
Diamond Painting could make your mind feel happier.

High Quality Premium Stick Canvas
Numbered Environmentally friendly diamond drills.
Diamond Painting Stylus (Pen)
Diamond Painting Magic Wax Square
Diamond Painting Tray for Diamonds
Set of easy-to-follow instructions for use
All Kits are Full Drill, meaning the canvas will be entirely filled with diamonds.

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Should you choose round or square drills? That is up to you. They are just a slightly different shape. Most crafters prefer both although square are more popular overall.

The difference in sizes is really all about the amount of detail in the finished product and the length of time it will take to finish it. We recommend beginners try a small size, but for more satisfying results, we recommend 40cm kits and higher for more detail. Larger sizes will always have a more detailed finished product.

Conversion Table
All kits are listed in centimeters, here is a chart that shows you approximate how large each piece is in inches. (1 in = 2.54 cm). Always order larger sizes.

20x20 8x8
30x30 12x12
40x40 16x16
50x50 20x20
60x60 24x24
70x70 28x28
80x80 32x32
90x90 36x36
100x100 40x40


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Frame: No
Diamond Shape: Round or Square
Pasting Area: Full

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