How to Use Washi Tape in Diamond Painting

How to Use Washi Tape in Diamond Painting

If you are a diamond painting enthusiast, you must have heard of washi tape but do you know how to use washi tape? It is a versatile tool that can help you in various ways while doing diamond art or painting. From holding the canvas in place to organizing the drills, washi tape can be of great assistance. In this article, we will discuss how to use washi tape in diamond painting to make the process more comfortable and efficient.

With its stunning colors and patterns, washi tape can take your diamond painting craft projects from ordinary to extraordinary. In this blog post, we'll show you how easy it is to use washi tape in diamond painting and elevate your creativity game. Washi tape is a type of decorative adhesive tape that originated in Japan. Get your project ready for some fun crafting!

How to Use Washi Tape in Diamond Painting

Why Use Washi Tape in Diamond Painting?

Using washi tape in diamond painting has several benefits, such as:

Holds the canvas in place: Diamond painting requires a lot of patience and precision. If the canvas moves while you are working on it, it can ruin your efforts. Washi tape can hold the canvas in place, making it easier to work without any distractions.

Organizes the drills: Diamond painting involves thousands of tiny drills that can easily get mixed up. Sorting, storing and organizing them can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Protects the edges of the canvas: Canvas edges can become frayed or damaged while you are working on them.

How to Use Washi Tape in Diamond Painting?

Here are some ways to use washi tape in diamond painting:

1. Securing the Canvas

Before starting diamond painting, place the canvas on a flat surface and use washi tape to secure it in place. Make sure to apply the most beautiful washi tape frame along the edges of the canvas and press it firmly diamond painting canvas to prevent any movement.

2. Labeling the Drills

When sorting the drills, use washi tape to label the containers or trays. Write the corresponding symbol or number on the washi tape frame, making it easier to find the right drill quickly.

3. Protecting the Edges

Apply washi tape to the edges of the canvas to protect them from fraying or damage. Make sure to cover the edges with paper tape entirely, and press the back lovely washi tape frame down firmly to keep it in place.

4. Marking the Rows

Diamond painting requires you to work on one row at a time. Use washi tape to mark the row you are working on, making it easier to keep track of your progress. The diamond painters remove the excessive tape and make sure it makes the square grid.

5. Creating Straight Lines

Washi tape can also be used to create straight lines on the canvas. Use a ruler to measure the distance between the lines, and apply the tape accordingly. It can help you in placing the drills in a straight line, giving your diamond painting a neat and organized look.

Tips for Using Washi Tape in Diamond Painting

Use good quality washi tape that is strong and durable.

Avoid using too much tape as it can make the top cover of the canvas sticky and difficult to work on.

Use different colors or patterns of washi tape to make the process more fun and colorful.

Remove the tape gently after finishing the diamond painting to avoid any damage to the canvas.

Washi Tape

Tips for Successful Washi Tape Application in Diamond Painting

1. Prepping your surface:

Before applying any type of tape to your artwork, make sure the surface masking material underneath the tape is clean and free of any oils or residues. Washi tape is particularly sensitive to these materials, which can cause it to peel or bubble when applied.

2. Choose the right size and shape:

When choosing a size or shape of washi tape for use in diamond painting, be sure to account for the dimensions of the diamond and the width and height of your painting area. Too wide a strip of washi tape designs may not hold up under pressure, while too short a strip of mt tape may leave gaps along the edge.

3. Apply slowly and carefully:

When using washi tape in diamond painting, take care not to apply too much pressure or force. If you do this, the very how exactly washi tape may tear or split open, damaging your work surface and ruining your final product. Instead, apply light pressure with smooth strokes, almost like using a soft pen, in a consistent manner until the desired result is achieved. The diamond art painters must have all the diamond painting accessories like masking tape, washi tapes, decorative frame, glass frame, and other industrial tapes etc.


Washi tape can be an excellent addition to your diamond painting kit. It can help you in securing the canvas, organize the drills, and create straight lines. With the tips mentioned above, you can use washi tape With the tips mentioned above, you can use washi tape effectively in your own sealed diamond painting designs and projects.

It can make the process of diamond paintings more comfortable and efficient, and protect your canvas from damage. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diamond painter, incorporating washi tape into your workflow can be a diamond painting game-changer.


Is washi tape suitable for all types of canvas?

Washi tape is suitable for most types of canvas, including cotton, polyester, and canvas paper. However, it is essential to test it on canvas quality in a small area first to ensure that it does not damage the canvas.

Can I reuse washi tape?

Yes, washi tape is repositionable, meaning it can be easy to remove the tape from it and reuse it multiple times. However, after repeated use, the adhesive may become less effective.

Can I use washi tape to cover mistakes in diamond painting?

While washi tape can cover mistakes, it is not recommended as it can make the canvas sticky and affect the adhesive of the drills.