How to Frame a Diamond Painting

How to Frame a Diamond Painting

In this post, we will cover how to frame a diamond painting: a step by step guide. We will solve the problem that almost all diamond painters face with a finished product. How do we frame this beautiful diamond painting?

Diamond art painting, also known as diamond painting or 5D diamond painting kits, has gained immense popularity in recent years. It involves using tiny diamond-like rhinestones to create a stunning piece of artwork. Once you have finished your diamond art painting, the next step is to frame it so that it can be displayed as a beautiful work of art. In this article, we will guide you through the process of framing a diamond art painting step by step.

Assuming you are now finished with your diamond painting project, you are now wondering how you can display this masterpiece you dedicated a lot of time and effort to. Lets break down the steps involved with framing your diamond painting.

How to Frame a Diamond Art Painting: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Measure Your Painting

The first step is to measure your diamond art painting. Measure the width and height of the painting to ensure that you purchase a frame that fits the dimensions of your artwork. Due to the worldwide success of diamond painting, you may need to convert your measurements to centimeters. Here is a handy calculator to do that, if needed.

Step 2: Choose a Frame

Next, choose a frame that matches the size and style of your painting. You can choose a frame with a cutting mat or without a mat, depending on your preference. A mat can add an extra layer of depth and dimension to your artwork and also give you some extra wiggle room on trying to find the perfect size for your artwork. Most diamond art paintings are rectangular or square in shape, so it's important to choose a frame that will fit this format. Once you have the dimensions of your painting figured out, it's time to select the right type of frame.

Choose Your Frame

Step 3: Prepare the Frame

Once you have chosen a frame, remove the backboard and any inserts. Make sure that the frame is clean and free of any dust or debris. You can use the craft knife to cut or fix the frame and stretcher bars. There are several different types of frames available, including wood frames, metal frames, and acrylic frames.

Before deciding on a specific type of frame, be sure to research different options and find one that will complement your diamond art painting perfectly. After selecting the appropriate frame, it's time to start assembling your artwork. Start by attaching the base of your painting to the front of your frame using screws, nails, tacks or staples in some cases. Make sure to leave enough space between the bottom edge of your diamond painting canvas and the front wall of your frame so that you can hang it easily.

Prepare Your Frame

Step 4: Secure the Painting

Using double-sided tape, carefully attach the diamond art painting to the center of the backboard of the frame. Make sure that the painting is centered and straight. Last thing you want is people staring at a crookedly hung piece of art.

Secure the Backboard

Step 5: Insert the Backboard

Once the painting is securely attached to the backboard of the frame, insert it back into the frame. Make sure that the painting is straight and centered within the frame.

Step 6: Secure the Backboard

Using the appropriate tools, secure the backboard into the frame. This may involve using screws, nails or other fasteners.

Step 7: Clean the Frame

Finally, clean the frame and if it has any glass, to ensure that it is free of any dust or debris. This will ensure that your diamond art painting looks its best when displayed.

Clean Your Frame

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips to help you frame your diamond art painting:

1. If you are using a mat, make sure that the mat is acid-free to prevent discoloration or damage to your artwork. If your frame didn't come with a mat, some colored construction paper can be used in its place.

2. Consider using UV-protective glass to prevent fading and discoloration of your painting over time. This is up to you. Some prefer the art without glass.

3. If you do not want to use a traditional frame, you can also mount your diamond art painting onto a canvas or foam board for display.

Framed Diamond Art

Preparing the Diamond Artwork Before Framing

If you're considering framing a custom diamond art painting, there are several things you'll need to take into account. 

First, determine the size of the painting and the type of frame you'd like to use. Once you have that piece of information, get to finding the frame you want. You can find frames almost anywhere, craft stores, dollar stores, thrift stores, garage sales, keep an open mind and be ready to modify your artwork. Be creative.


Finishing Touches

Before you begin shopping for a frame, try and decide on your desired style. If money is no object than feel free to get the perfect frame. But most people, look to find the best value frame to make your artwork shine.

3 Types of Frames For Diamond Painting


Mat frames are made from thick paper or cardboard sheets that allow you to manipulate what is visible on the finished frame. The thin cardboard lays on top of the artwork and reveals only what is viewable through the open cardboard area .They're typically affordable and easy to assemble, making them an ideal option for smaller paintings and allowing some diamond artwork to hang in oddball sized frames.

Acid-free frames are made from high-quality materials such as glass and plastic. They protect artwork from fading and damage caused by acid in paints. However, they can be more expensive than other options, and they may not be compatible with some paint brands.

Canvas frames are the most popular type of frame for diamond art paintings. They're made from durable linen or cotton fabric that's stretched over a wood or metal frame. This type of frame, also referred to as stretcher bars, are perfect for larger paintings that require extra support. Canvas frames can also be customized to create a unique look for your artwork.

Finished Diamond Painting


Framing a diamond art painting can be a simple and rewarding process. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure that your artwork is properly framed, and ready to be displayed. Remember to choose a frame that complements the style of your painting, and consider using a mat or UV-protective glass to enhance the visual appeal and longevity of your artwork.

After reading this guide on how to frame a diamond art painting, you will be able to successfully hang and display your finished diamond masterpiece in any room of your house. The tips and techniques outlined in this article are easy to follow and will have you hanging your beautiful display of artwork within no time.

So what are you waiting for? Start framing those Diamond Art Paintings today!

FAQs - How to Frame a Diamond Painting

Can I use glue instead of double-sided tape to secure my framed diamond art painting?

Yes, you can use glue instead of double-sided tape, but be careful not to use craft glue too much as it can seep through the corners of the canvas and damage your painting.

Can I use a poster frame to frame my diamond art painting?

Yes, you can use a poster frame as long as it fits the dimensions of same size as your painting and has a backboard to which you can attach the painting. Never be afraid to get creative, this is your diamond artwork. Be proud of it and happy with however you frame it.

How do I clean my diamond art painting before framing it?

Use a soft, lint-free cloth to gently wipe away any dust or debris from the surface of your painting. You can even use a moist toilette, we do not advise spraying it as you could get an adverse reaction from the glue on the canvas and lose your precious beads.

Do diamond paintings need a special frame?

Artworks of diamonds may be displayed in several different ways. I would personally encourage you to try all of the ways listed and find the framing presentation you most desire. Some people have unlimited access to certain frames, while others do not. My advice is to always balance the cost and desired happiness of the finished framed piece.

Should I seal my diamond painting before framing it?

Most people do not like putting diamond paint under a glass frame face, and you can seal them with Modge Podge, Aleens Super Gloss sealant or other sealants. 

What is the best way to display a framed diamond painting?

For us, we prefer poster frames or repurposing frames from thrift stores or dollar stores to display diamond artwork - If you prefer something less amateur, you can get your kit framed at a local craft shop. Poster frames are ideal for large diamond paintings. These costs for framing diamond paintings can get quite high and almost unaffordable.