Order Extra Diamonds-bk

$4.99 $12.99 -62% OFF

Order Extra Diamonds-bk

$4.99 $12.99 -62% OFF
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Need extra beads?

Now you can buy packets of beads. Each color packet you order will get you approximately 200 diamonds. 

Enter the following information color order box on this page:

  • Color: #### (give us 3- or 4-digit number that corresponds to the color you need)
  • Quantity: ## (give us the number of bags needed for each color, each packet will be $4.99 and contain about 200 diamonds) 

Note: Colors are based off the DMC color codes. Here is a link to the chart.

You should be able to find your needed colors on the guide on your project.

If you need additional help, email fun@freediamondpainting.com

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