Custom Diamond Painting Kit - Beginner/Intermediate - Upload Your Own Photo


Custom Diamond Painting Kit - Beginner/Intermediate - Upload Your Own Photo

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Ready for the Perfect Beginner Custom Diamond Painting Kit?

This kit is approximately 12x16in (30x40cm), which is the most manageable size diamond painting kit for a beginner. The diamond drill shape is square diamonds, these are the most popular and most manageable shape of drills. For a beginner to intermediate skill level, these settings will provide optimal enjoyment and take a beginner 10-20 hours of effort to complete. Since custom kits are made from images you provide, we are unable to refund these kits.

Just Upload Your Photo and Create Your Own Diamond Painting Kit

High Quality Premium Sticky Canvas
Environmentally friendly diamond drills.
Diamond Painting Stylus (Pen)
Diamond Painting Magic Wax Square
Diamond Painting Tray for Diamonds
Set of easy-to-follow instructions for use
All Kits are Full Drill, meaning the canvas will be entirely filled with diamonds.

Benefits of Custom Diamond Painting Kits?

From some of our thousands of customer reviews:
Diamond Painting will help you feel relaxed.
Diamond Painting can feel like it relieves stress.
Diamond Painting could make your mind feel happier.
Some consider diamond painting a cure for an uneasy mind!

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