The Golden God Diamond Painting Kit -
The Golden God Diamond Painting Kit -
The Golden God Diamond Painting Kit -

The Golden God Diamond Painting Kit

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Order larger sizes for a more detailed finished piece of art. The larger the size the more detailed the diamond painting will be.

Frame: No
Diamond Shape: Square or Round
Pasting Area: Full

Step-By-Step Diamond Painting Instructions

1. Open your package and take inventory of your kit. You should have all tools and all diamond drills needed to complete your project. 

2. Choose a section on the canvas to get started with. Usually, a large section of one color is best to get started with. You should work in small sections 4x4 inch leaving the rest covered so that the glued canvas does not dry out. Work from corner to corner or section to section. It is really up to the artist.

3. Find the diamonds that correspond to the area you are working on. Dump a small amount into the tray and shake them so they are right side up. Round diamonds are universal. Square diamonds you want the flat side down on the canvas.

4. Dip the tip of the stylus pen in the wax, typically this is done by pressing the tip of the stylus into the side of the red square of wax. This gives the pen some adhesive to lift the diamonds from the tray.

5. Carefully press the diamond onto its corresponding symbol. Try and keep your diamonds square and inside the diagram on the canvas.

Repeat steps 2-5 until finished and then admire your masterpiece.